San Diego Psychotherapy

Are you Ready for Change?

Do your emotions sometimes get the better of you and contribute to problems in your life? Have you felt caught up in cycles of impulsive behavior, including substance abuse? Do you have trouble focusing your mind and making effective decisions? Is it hard to ask for what you want or how to set limits with people? If these questions seem familiar, I can help you. 

Breaking the Cycle 

My expertise was developed while treating people with co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety and a history of substance abuse. I have created the only DBT skills training group, in San Diego, dedicated to addressing the psychological needs of people in recovery struggling with long term recovery. If you are a good fit for my group you will learn mindfulness practices, assertiveness training, emotional regulations and how to survive a crisis. 

Design the Career and Family Life you Love

My therapy sessions often focus on the challenge of designing “a life worth living.” Many of my clients have artistic aspiration and talents which seem to conflict with the demands of jobs that may not be personally fulfilling. The stress of watching passions slip away can feed a sense of stagnation and angst. This is one example of how individual stress can contribute to strain within a couple. Emotionally Focused Therapy for couple’s addresses the rift in the couples intimate bond and restores the capacity to share vulnerably and restore a sense of security in their bond.  

Change Starts Right Where You Are

Therapy should feel like a celebration of self. If you are hesitant to commit to therapy, perhaps you are experiencing doubt that true and lasting change is possible for you. My training, education and experience serve to create an environment free of judgment and patient enough for change.   Please call to schedule a free consultation.  (619) 261-9269