San Diego Psychotherapy

Are you Ready for Change?

Do your emotions sometimes get the better of you? Have difficult emotions contributed to problems in your life? Are you caught in cycles of impulsive behavior, reactivity or substance abuse? Do you have trouble focusing your mind and making effective decisions? Is it hard to ask for what you want or set limits by saying no to people? If these questions seem familiar, I can help you. 

Breaking the Cycle 

My expertise was developed using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), an evidence based practice, in treating people with complex psychological disorders. I have adapted the DBT protocol to address the psychological needs of people recovering from substance abuse. By joining the DBT skills training track, you will learn skills in four areas; mindfulness, assertiveness training, emotional regulations and crisis survival. In combination, these skills will prepare you to stop living one step ahead of misery and prepare you to build the life of your dreams.   

Design the Family Life you Love

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidenced based practice applying adult attachment theory to treat couples in distress. Many of the couples seeking therapy have been frustrated by patterns that interfere with their capacity to feel closely bonded. EFT addresses these patterns of conflict, and the sensitive spots within them, by repairing mistakes and creating a secure relationship base. The process introduces open communication and responsiveness leading to forgiveness of injuries and restored intimacy through touch. Please don’t wait to call if your relationship is in distress.     

Change Starts Right Where You Are

Therapy should feel like a celebration of self. If you are hesitant to commit to therapy, perhaps you are experiencing doubt that true and lasting change is possible for you. My training, education and experience serve to create an environment free of judgment and patient enough for change.   Please call to schedule a free consultation.  (619) 261-9269