San Diego Psychotherapy

Are you Ready for Change?

Do your emotions sometimes get the better of you and contribute to problems in your life? Have you felt caught up in cycles of impulsive behavior, including substance abuse? Do you have trouble focusing your mind and making effective decisions? Is it hard to ask for what you want or how to set limits with people? If these questions seem familiar, I can help. My psychotherapy sessions are designed to teach skills that help stabilize difficult emotions and focus thinking and communication in constructive ways. I use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in both individual and group sessions. My couple’s session are focused around restoring a sense of intimacy, or connection, using Emotionally Focused Therapy (ETF). 

Breaking the Cycle

My expertise is in helping people who have co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety, as well as a history of substance abuse. I have created the only DBT skills training group, in San Diego, dedicated to addressing the psychological needs of people struggling with sustaining long term recovery. By joining the DBT skills training group you will learn mindfulness practices, interpersonal effectiveness strategies, emotional regulations and distress tolerance skills. By learning these practical skills, my clients have more effective behaviors and therefore experience fewer unwanted consequences. A life with fewer consequences often lessens symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. This strategy creates room for more joy and happiness. With an increase in happiness there is generally a decrease in the vulnerability of relapse. I am a firm believer in the 12 Step model of Recovery. I also acknowledge that the 12 Step model is sometimes not enough. If you are in a 12 Step program please know that my DBT skills training group was designed to supplement, not replace, your participation in the 12 Step fellowship. 

Design the Career and Family Life you Love

My therapy sessions often start with and return to the challenge of designing a life worth living. Many of my clients have artistic or creative aspiration which stand in conflict with the demands of jobs that may not be personally fulfilling. The stress of watching passions slip away can feed a sense of stagnation and angst. This dilemma can be a contributing factor to increased strain in marriages or romantic partnerships. Emotionally Focused Therapy for couple’s addresses the rift in a couples sense of security in their bond. Restoring a healthy attachment is done by identifying patterns of behavior exhibited during conflict that work against intimacy and vulnerability.  Emotionally Focused Couple’s therapy seeks to restore the bonds of adult attachment so the risks taken by the couple are grounded in a secure base. Adult attachment theory has also been shown to work with those experiencing substance abuse. In this way both therapeutic orientations come together to provide the highest probability of designing an effective treatment plan. 

Change Starts Right Where You Are

Therapy should feel like a celebration of self. If you are hesitant to commit to therapy, perhaps you are experiencing doubt that true and lasting change is possible for you. My training, education and experience serve to create an environment free of judgment and patient enough for change. Please call to schedule a free consultation.  (619) 261-9269