San Diego Psychotherapist

Skills Oriented Change

Therapy should feel like a celebration of self. Something one engages in to empower changes in building a life worth living. If you are hesitant to commit to therapy, perhaps you are experiencing doubt that true and lasting change is possible for you. My training, education and experience serve to create an environment free of judgment. I design a treatment plan from multiple orientations to serve your needs. This gives us the highest probability of success. I hope to hear from you.

Breaking the Cycle

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, impulsiveness or problems in relationships that jeopardize your success at remaining abstinent from substances, I can help. I teach skills that are designed to help you get your needs met and set limits where needed. The benefit of learning new and practical skills and more effective behavior is that there are always fewer unwanted consequences. With fewer consequences there can be less depression, anxiety and conflict. The skills are rooted in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  They have been proven to work.

Skills designed to help build a life you love

As your psychotherapist I will teach you how to analyze where behavioral change is needed. I will provide coaching on using new skillful behavior.  The goal of treatment is to build a life you love. My top priority is to provide a warm and non-judgmental environment in which to talk frankly and honestly. My philosophy is to engage as your partner in treatment.  I bring a trained, objective and affirming point of view. Therapy can benefit anyone who recognizes a pattern of limiting and problematic behavior.

My Program Compliments Recovery

I strongly believe in the 12 Step model of Recovery and acknowledge that it is sometimes not enough. To address the difficulty some folks have with stabilizing a life in sobriety, I’ve created a DBT informed skills training group designed to supplement and strengthen the commitment  you may already have. The class room setting is limited to 8-10 people. New material is presented each week.  Homework is assigned and will be reviewed during the next group. This process creates an opportunity to apply and integrate new skills in response to real life circumstances.

Change Starts Right Where You Are

Lastly, if you are living with a previously diagnosed mental illness, I provide support and effective skills training to manage symptoms. I have worked successfully with people who have complex issues and have engaged in self-injurious behavior and eating disorders. Please call to schedule a free consultation.  (619) 261-9269