“Build a life worth living.”

By visiting this site you’ve already taken the first steps toward change. As a clinician working for Applied DBT under the supervision of Dr. Bonnie Lucks, I pride myself on working hard to provide a non-judgmental environment. Some of my clients simply desire a trained, objective and affirming point of view. Those who are living with a previously diagnosed mental illness are also welcomed. My expertise was developed in treating adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. I also work with people who engage in self-injurious behavior and eating disorders. As a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, I provide couple‚Äôs therapy and excel in working with couples where one person may feel more committed to the process of therapy than the other. Our practice affirms all members of the LGBT community. I also want to affirm my value for spirituality and creativity in the therapeutic process. As a final note I have a special affinity for working with the parents and family members of LGBT adolescents and young adults during their coming out process. I’m happy to assist the family through an often challenging period of reorientation.

Please call to schedule an appointment, you’re worth it.

Douglas J. Baker