“Build a life worth living.”

By visiting this site you’ve already taken the first steps toward change. As a clinician working for Personal Evolution Psychotherapy, under the supervision of owner Sue Boyd LCSW, http://www.personalevolutionpsychotherapy.com, I pride myself on working hard to provide a non-judgmental environment. I welcome all clients. Some of my clients simply desire a trained, objective and affirming point of view. Those who are living with diagnosed mental illness are also welcomed. My expertise was developed in treating adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. I also work with people who engage in self-injurious behavior and eating disorders. As a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, I provide couple‚Äôs therapy and excel in working with couples where one person may feel more committed to the process of therapy than the other. Our practice affirms all members of the LGBT community and specializes in working with people within all ranges of gender identity and expression. I also want to affirm my value for spirituality and creativity in the therapeutic process. As a final note I have a special affinity for working with the parents and family members of LGBT adolescents and young adults during their coming out process. I’m happy to assist the family through an often challenging period of reorientation.

In addition to providing individual, couples and family therapy, I’m also very excited to be an active Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) consultation team member. DBT provides individual counseling session along with group skills training on a weekly basis. DBT was designed to develop skills in four basic areas. The program gives emotionally sensitive people the skills needed to regulate their emotions, have more effective interpersonal relationships, tolerate distress and build a foundation of core mindfulness. No subject is too challenging to be addressed.

My professional training includes a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and the completion of the prerequisite 3000 post-graduate supervised intern hours. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked in a variety of clinical settings. My professional work history includes employment as a Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Specialist at a Short-Term Acute Residential Treatment Facility (START) for Community Research Foundation. The population served by this agency includes clients with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse/mental illness) and profound mental illness. Additional post-graduate experience was earned in a leading Employee Assistance Programs based inSan Diego. Family therapy experience was enhanced while teaching parenting skills as a Parent Educator for Jewish Family Services. Most recently I worked for San Diego Youth Services in their Teen Options program. My role was that of Alcohol and Other Drug Therapist. This highly rewarding job served high risk adolescent mothers often referred by the Juvenile Justice System. By joining Sue Boyd, in her practice, I hope to continue to provide the highest quality clinical service to individuals, couples and families.

Please call to schedule an appointment, you’re worth it.

Douglas J. Baker